What Is The Purpose

of Your Life?

Serious question. Why laugh about it? Why not take off the to-cool-to-care mask for a few minutes? Answer that question and you'll find out some extremely important things about yourself. Really…

It's amazing how much corporate and educational America teaches that "we must have a goal and a purpose" for whatever they are about. Every where you look there are mission statements and goal statements and objective statements, etc. With all that focus on a purpose, isn't it amazing that it never really gets down to the individual and his/her life? Oh yes, an individual person can have short term and long term goals for careers or family or education or finances or hobbies or exercise, etc. Perhaps you have some for yourself regarding these things. But the question remains, WHAT ABOUT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE - WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE TO THAT??? Are you going to take, trophies or bank accounts or homes or cars or careers or family members or pleasure or "fun" times, with you after you die? What will your life mean after you die?

So, what is the ultimate purpose to your life? What is your mission / goal / objective / purpose statement for your life? You’ll know what it is if you’ll just spend the time to ask and answer these extremely important questions. Here are two questions that will tell you what your purpose in life is:

1. What is the thing or person you spend the most time thinking about? If it were possible to record your thoughts, and you could evaluate a year’s worth of thoughts, what thing or person has the highest percentage of time allocated to it / him / her?

2. What is the one thing you want more than anything in life? Stated in some different ways, what is your heart’s desire for yourself? Or, what is the master passion of your heart? What is the one thing you seek above all others in life?

If you answer these two questions honestly, then you’ll have the answer to what the purpose of your life is.

What is your answer to question one? What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Is it yourself, or your girl friend or boy friend or husband or wife or children? Is it the pursuit of your career or your pursuit of money? Is it the pursuit of physical pleasure, sexual or otherwise? Is it your favorite person or past time? Is is achieving some educational goal, athletic goal or career goal? Is it making a new house or looking towards the next vacation?  Is it raising your children or watching their achievements?  Is is the next best way to entertain yourself?  Is it a combination of these things?

What about your answer to question number two? Is is to accumulate as much money as possible? Is it to win as many friends and influence as many people as possible? It is to minimize contention and conflict and maximize pleasure? Is it to become famous and adored by other people? Is it to increase your knowledge about something so that you are recognized as THE expert? Is it to help as many people as possible? Is it to be faithful to your religion, theology or philosophy about life? Is it to be the best in something, like art or music or philosophy or authoring? Is it the next thrill – are you living for the emotional excitement of the next won game or sexual encounter? Is it to be the best xyz sportsman in such and such a sport?  Is it to be the most loved person at your church?  Is it just to be at peace?

Are you at peace – truly?

As you can see, the questions are related, and as you sort through and answer them honestly, then what you will have as the end product is the purpose of your life. Stated another way, whatever person(s) or thing(s) you list in answer to those two questions are your god(s)!  Who or what is or are your god(s)? To what do you spend you time and resources worth-shipping? What are the gods that have given you your purpose in life?  What gets you out of bed and keeps you going - that/those are your god(s).

People are controlled by their gods. You see, your god(s) controls you – he / she / it / they / them is/are the ultimate object of your affections and therefore you do what is necessary to serve those gods. Your god(s) are your master passions in life.  If you love cars, then you’ll spend a great deal of mind time pursuing that god. If your god is money, then most of your waking hours will be centered around how to get more. If you love yourself more than any other, you will spend your hours trying only to please yourself.

If your god is a person, then you spend most of your time thinking about that person and trying to please them. If your god is a thing, then you spend most of your time serving it. For instance, many people’s god is athletic achievement. If you are living for the next golf game or football game or baseball game, etc. then that sport is your god. Sadly, "the family" is many people’s god. They spend the majority of time living for "their family" [link to Family-olotry]. Many mothers have their children as their gods - their entire life is focused on their sons or daughters. Many people’s whole existence is based on what the family should do next to pass the time. How lonely it is for those people when the children grow up and leave or relationships are broken [link to Family-olotry].

What is your god or gods? What is your purpose in life? I’ve got the most important news you’ll ever hear, and that news is this: unless you have the One True and Living God as your God, then you will never find true peace, hope, joy and satisfaction in life. Unless the purpose of your life is given by the One True and Living God, then you’ll never know true love and satisfaction - you'll never find true peace. You’ll never know why you were created, why you exist, or why you are here on this earth.

Who is the One True and Living God? What is His name? Who is His Only Son?  His name is YHWH and His Son's Name is Joshua (or Jesus) of Nazareth!  Jesus proved he is God's Only Son by allowing Himself to be brutally murdered out of His love for us, and then rising from the dead after being in the grave for three days. What other god has proven His power by raising himself or herself from the dead? None. Not Buddha, not Confucius, not Mohammed, not Moses, nor will Shirley McClain, nor the pope. No avatar or guru or enlightened one has ever raised themselves from the dead. The Dali Lama is not so wise as to know how to defeat death. And, dear friend, you won't pull it off either without Jesus of Nazareth.  No, only the Author of Life has pulled that one off!  Jesus says, "Then He said to Thomas, "Reach here with your finger, and see my hands; and reach here your hand and put it into my side; and do not be unbelieving, but believing (that I am alive!)." (John 20:27)

Is your reaction something like, "Oh, don�t give me that religious stuff � religion is not satisfying either, I�ve tried it". To that I say, you�re absolutely correct! I agree one hundred percent with you. Religion is not the way to peace and joy and hope. Rather, a Person is � and having a personal relationship with that Person is the Way to a full life. Jesus says, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6) Jesus says that only he can make you Free, "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" (John 8:36). He says that by knowing him, "you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free" (John 8:32).

Are you truly free to live the way you know you ought to live?  Are you free to love people the way you know you ought to? Are you free to live a selfless life loving other’s more than yourself? True freedom is found in complete submission to God's Only Son, Messiah Jesus.

You can ignore Jesus and pretend He doesn’t exist. You can admire him and believe he’s a great teacher or this or that, yet still deny he is God's Only Son. You can blaspheme him and curse his name as you say, "JESUS" each time you are exasperated. You can be the most religious Catholic or Protestant in the world. You can know all kinds of facts about him yet never have trusted in him in your heart. All these options are the same to him - and all these options leave you lost and without hope, perishing in your sins.

What he wants is for you to come into Life and Peace and Joy and Hope by giving him your heart and life. That’s His purpose for you right now. Why not give up on your own purposeless wanderings and instead give your heart and life to the One who will show you why you exist?  Only Jesus can fill the emptiness deep in your heart [link to You Must Be Born Again].

You can give yourself to Jesus right now, if you’d like. He won’t force his love on so you must come freely to him. To come to him you must first admit in your heart that you are a sinner – that is someone who has fallen short of living a perfect life. You must see yourself as having ignored the One who loves you more than any other. You must see yourself as having treated unimportant the fact that Jesus so loved you that he came to earth and endured rejection and death so that you could know the Way Home to his Father.  You must believe Jesus' Words that "You must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God" (John 3:3-7).  You must see yourself as living in darkness, and understand your desperate need to come into his Light.

As you read this, perhaps your heart is affected.  Perhaps you see how you have been ignoring God - not living up to his desire that you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Perhaps you can see for the first time that you are GUILTY of the greatest sin, which is you never had true faith in God and His Son?  You knew ABOUT God, but you never entered into a Life of true faith.  You might have even been trying to serve the God you did not personally know, but this is not what God wants.  If you are truly seeing this spiritually, then you should be experiencing some fairly strong emotions associated with what is happening inside you now.  Jesus calls this repentance, which is true remorse over your unbelief and sin. 


So, what does God want of you right now, at this moment?  It is this simple...believe His Son...listen to His Son...trust in Himself and His Son.  This is what God wants of you right now.  Don't play the fool and turn away.  Don't reject a love so great that a loving, compassionate Father sent His beloved Son, knowing His Son would be horribly mistreated and killed because many would reject His love.  Admit that you have been one who has rejected His love up to this point, and then turn from your unbelief and sin and start to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Make Jesus your only personal Teacher, Master, Leader, Lord, King of your life, and then you will know Life.  And then you will have been truly born from above, or born again!  And if you do this, rejoice as you have entered into salvation!  Rejoice as you have passed from death to life...from darkness into Light!  Rejoice that you have been received by your Father who is in heaven, and who has been waiting for you to come to Him your whole adult life!  Rejoice that you are now a child of God, beloved by a compassionate and all powerful Father!

What does God want of you after you are born again?  He wants you to get to know Him and His Son.  The best way to start this process is by reading Jesus' Words to you in the gospels. Get a New Testament if you don�t already have one. I would recommend these translations � the New American Standard or the New King James Version. Read the gospel of John in the New Testament, and then read Matthew, Mark and Luke. Don't make the great mistake of thinking that all of the bible is God's Word, for it is not [see Is the bible God's Word?].  Jesus is God's Word to man, thus the only guidance you need on how to live your life to please God is Jesus and his Words and teachings ONLY.  Keep reading his Words in the gospels and start to DO what you see him saying to you.  Only if you obey will you be able to grow in your personal knowing of his Father and himself.  To continue in the Life that Jesus gives you, you must be faithful to him, and that means to receive what he teaches, and try your best to do what he says.

It is very important that you know that if you do not thirst to know Jesus, by reading his Words in the gospels, and by desiring with all that is in you, to obey ALL his commands, then you have not entered into His salvation [link to Do You Love Jesus?].  You must also know that Jesus says that if you want to be his disciple, you must forsake what this world has to offer in order to follow him (Luke 14:33).  Do not be afraid of Jesus or his commands, for he is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).  Ask Jesus to show you the things you need to start giving up in order to follow after him.

If you need some disciples to stay with, our house is open to you.


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