(Older articles, some of which need revision)


Just the beginning...

What is the Purpose of Your Life?

Be Sure You're Going to Heaven!

You Must Be Born From Above!

Ignoring the One You Love!?

Do You Love Jesus of Nazareth?

Following the Good Shepherd...

(And thus not others)

Non-Retaliation and "Military Service"

Should We Never Judge?

Education-olotry: Forsake it and follow Jesus

"Christian" Politics?

Mis-Focused on the Natural Family

Can One Be 'Once Saved Always Saved'?

Can "Christian" Psychology or Counseling Help Me?

What is in the world box?

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Should Jesus' Followers Accumulate Material Wealth?

The Role of Women Followers of Jesus

Joy, Not Jokes

For those with eyes to see...

The Difficult Path

Sojourning Up Towards Crystal River

Other Matters of Belief

How to Raise our Children

What about Evolution?

Does Jesus teach the trinity?

Christian Confusion: Forgiveness


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