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Welcome to our Audio archive.  This page links to the audio series that I started putting together in early 2012.  Click on the file to download to the listening device of your choice, or simply listen through a web page audio player.  Please share these messages with others if you are enlightened by them, and by so doing, you will be sharing in the Light's work.

Title Message Summary Date Posted Date Modified
Introduction and Purpose Introducing Jesus Families and providing the basic purposes of these audio messages. Dec 2011 Aug 2012
The Great Falsehood of our Time There is one belief that serves as the foundation of the current biblian religious system Aug 2012 Sept 2012
How It Should Be... How should the disciples of Jesus live? Oct 2012 Oct 2012
What is 'the church'? The true church versus the false church. Oct 2012  
The True Spiritual Way What is the true spiritual Way? Oct 2012  
A Simple Matter That which leads to freedom Oct 2012  
To Be Successful To lose our lives Nov 2012
The Lost Sheep of the US A people lose their way Nov 2012  
Whose Voice are You Listening To? One voice needs to be primary Nov 2012  
The Relentless River Love, Truth and Righteousness Nov 2012 Dec 2012
Faith & Science - Part 1 Physics is inadequate to explain the human experience  [transcript] Dec 2012  
Faith & Science - Part 2 An intelligent designer is required to explain the existence of complex inter-dependant systems. [transcript] Dec 2012  
Faith & Science - Part 3 Science is not equiped to deal with the 'whys' of human existence [transcript] Jan 2013  
Contrast: A Christain Vs. A Disciple of Joshua What are the differences between a christian and a disciple of Jesus or Joshua? [transcript] Jan 2013  
Judge Not? Is it true that we want to avoid being "judgmental"? [transcript] Feb 2013  
Faith & Courage It takes courage to follow Joshua [transcript] Mar 2013  
The Three Governors What governs people? [transcript] Apr 2013  
Mr. Highone & the President A parable [transcript] Apr 2013  
The Wise King A parable [transcript] May 2013  
Human Sexuality Joshua's basic framework for humans [article] June 2013  
Three Characteristics How can I identify if I am a follower of the Light? [transcript] Sep 2013  
If the light that is in you... If the light that is within us is darkness... [transcript] Oct. 2013  
The Difficult Way In what way is our life difficult?  [transcript] Nov. 2013  
The Gospel What is the true good news or gospel of Joshua? [transcript] Nov. 2013  
Most Peoples Love Has the love of most grown cold? [transcript] Dec. 2013  
The Atheist Church and Christ What does the Atheist Church and Christ have in common? [transcript] Feb. 2014  
The Christian way vs the Way What are some differences between christians or biblians and followers of the Light? [transcript] April 2014  
December 2014 Update What's been going on... Dec. 2014  


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