Thank you for considering helping us financially.  First, please understand we don't primarily want your money, and we would rather have something else.  Please, do not donate if doing so will cause you to struggle with providing food, clothing or shelter for yourself of those in your care.  If you can afford it, then thank you.  If you can't, then we don't need it.  Whatever you give will be used for the purpose of bringing the Light of the world to people.  If you don't trust us, then don't give us anything until you get to know us.  I am available to at least talk with you on the phone as much as you'd like, and you are welcome to come and meet us and see how we are living our lives.

What would we rather have?  As we say on our page at , we would much rather have you join us in our work - of bringing the Light and He who sent him - to others, than for you to send us some money.  Please see John 13:34-35.


To donate, please use the PayPal button below.  Just click on the button and follow the instructions.


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