Pastor, do you ever wonder�


�about when you first met Jesus?  How simple it was, and the love in your heart for His having saved you from your sin?  About the simple freedom found in Him, and the simplicity of life just following Him?

�about the earnestness of your relationship with Jesus when it was just you and Jesus, and when you weren�t trying so hard to lead other people?

�about how you might have promised God that you would always follow His Son faithfully, and that you would never become a religious leader like those Jesus opposed in the gospels?

�about the busy-ness of your life now, and the complexities that come with large organizations, or even small ones?

�about your regular anxiousness about the �success� of the organization others call �your church�?

�about the high costs associated with the building you call �the church�, and whether the building or those costs have any real New Testament justification?

�about the eternally significant difference between building an organization versus God building His Family?

. . .how Jesus' words about the traditions of men nullifying the Word of God might have a direct impact on your life?

�about the stage and the pedestal and the lights and the video cameras and big screens, and about whom those props are designed to bring glory to?

�about how once, perhaps not too long ago, you saw all that was wrong with some other �church� or �de-nomination�, but now you yourself are walking in the same ways?

�about how you don�t really know - to any significant depth - any of the people filling the pews in your organization�s building?

�about all those people looking to you to point them to God, instead of them looking directly to Jesus for Him to lead them to His Father?  Why don't you do anything about that?

�about the sad fact that if other non-clergy persons in your organization lose everything they have, they will be pointed to the government to help them with the �big needs� (a place to live, cloths to wear, food to eat), whereas if you lost everything, there might only be one or two who would actually take you in and truly care for you and your family?

�about the fact that the lives of the people filling your pews on Sundays are not any different � except a bit of God talk now and then and 'going to your church� regularly � than the people you label �lost� all around you?

�if agape is really being practiced in the midst of your organization?  If agape is selfless, sacrificial behavior, is that truly happening?  Or is it independent, selfish Americana with business as usual except now YOU get some of their mammon?  Is Acts 2:44-45 really an aberration given Jesus� plain teachings in Luke 12:33 and Luke 14:33? 

�if these words of Jesus truly apply to your life, �Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.�?  Does this saying really apply to the clergymen you are competing with, or the disgruntled members of your organization?

�why you are so quick to label small groups that reject your traditions, but whose lives more closely follow Jesus� commands, as �cults�?  Just where does the New Testament define a �cult�?  Perhaps in Acts 24:5, 14?

�why, when you run across a web site which exposes the errors you are participating in (in a general sense, not 'a personal attack'), you won�t even give those teachings serious consideration � even if they are directly from Jesus?

�why it is alright for YOU to take a title of spiritual authority and rule over the people, when Jesus of Nazareth explicitly commands you not to do that (Matt. 23:8-12)?  About how your doing that insures at best crippled, and at worst wayward sheep?  About your deceitful heart which even now says, �I don�t rule over anyone��? , as you speak down to the people from your stage and pedestal, and receive them tripping all over you, 'oh pastor, pastor�'

�about the fact that your life is not significantly different than your Judaism or Islam or Catholic or mainline protestant clergy counterpart?

�about how all those traditions which your organization is built on, have no scriptural warrant, and thus might well be nullifying the Words of the Lord?

�about what it really means to have courage in a culture and society where truly, one of the only real opportunities to demonstrate courage that is pleasing to the Lord, is to follow Jesus faithfully, and thus endure the rejection and persecution of the religious establishment that you now are a part of?  Does this even sound vaguely familiar to you any more?

�if the kingdom of God Jesus describes is really about facilities and buildings and programs and titles and administration and marketing and shows/entertainment?  Do you truly not see how this applies to YOU?

�why you are becoming more popular with more men (outside your organization) over time, instead of following the pattern of Jesus, where He became increasingly more unpopular over time?  Is your increasing popularity really consistent with Jesus� teaching that we are to pick up our cross and follow Him?  Was it Jesus� increasing popularity with the religious establishment of His day that caused Him to pick up His cross? Do you really deny that you are part of the religious establishment?

�how you might, even now, be justifying yourself against these truths with various excuses as to why this doesn�t apply to you � and what this fighting against truth means for the state of your soul?

�about how you teach that Paul usually lists things in order of priority, and how that �pastor� in your favorite verse, is next to last?  So, just who occupies the �office� of evangelist in your organization?  How about the "office" of �prophet� � where is his title on a door in your building or on the "Sunday bulletin"?

�how you say you follow the bible, but your �services� don�t follow the commands and clear pattern given by Paul in 1 Cor. 14:26-35?  You do claim that you are thoroughly �biblical�; and the bible does give clear instructions for what a �church meeting� is supposed to be like; yet it doesn�t appear to concern you even a little that you do things YOUR way instead of 'the bible�s' way?

�about what Jesus� words really mean, when He says "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.�; and, �"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.�  Is the purpose of your bible college, institute, seminary, etc. really consistent with these words of Jesus?  Or are you bowing to the idol of men�s intellect, and trying to seek God primarily with your mind, instead of primarily with your heart?

�is having your religious degrees on the wall, or the book case in your �office� with the  thick books and fancy titles, really consistent with Jesus saying we must not exalt ourselves, and that we must become like little children (not scholars)  in order to inherit the kingdom of God?

�what Jesus means when He says, �In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple�?

�can giving up everything we have possibly be construed to mean gaining wealth, popularity, and power, which is what you are gaining through your organization?

�about Jesus' commands to �Sell your possessions and give to the poor.�, and how you never teach that literally as a child would receive it upon reading His words?

�what it might be like to walk away from what you know is wrong in your heart (if you can still hear His voice) and simply follow Jesus again?

�what it would be like to leave the organization which is built on you, and instead hate your life in this world and thus follow Jesus and actually, sacrificially love those who really see their need for Him?

�what it would be like to live in a close, intimate Family - Jesus� Family - and truly serve those souls desperate for such a wonderful Master?

�about Jesus command to, �go and make disciples of all nations�, and how that might mean leaving a nation that no longer sees a need for the Real Jesus?

�about how your pride might cause you � if anyone else in your organization reads this and wants to speak to you about it � to condemn or �blow off� the author of this warning by saying he is bitter, un-loving, jealous, or a myriad of other lies and thus avoid taking a serious look at the truth in this little letter.  Was Jesus bitter,  un-loving or jealous in Matt. 23?

To those being led by the blind who read this�.get eyes to see and RUN AWAY from the clergymen who are leading you astray, and follow ONLY JESUS!


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