The Master Dog Trainer

There once was a man, who had developed a passion for training dogs for blind people.  You’ve seen the “Seeing-eye” dogs, helping their blind owners get around in public places.  This man had a son who was blinded in a terrible accident when he was only 8 years old.  His son was so negatively impacted by losing his sight, that he almost died of heart ache.  It was not until a neighbor - who had a blind relative who benefited greatly from a seeing-eye dog - came to see him with his blind relative and his seeing-eye dog, that his son started to have an interest in living once again.  The boy heard of the freedom the dog gave the man to do so many things and to go so many places.  The dog also was soft, and warm, and it could not help but gently and affectionately lick the boy’s hand.  It was the first time in months that the dad saw his son have some life in him.  The man went on to get a seeing-eye dog for his son.  The man saw how much the dog helped his son have a reason for going forward and moving past the pain.  Due to this experience, this man set his heart on training seeing-eye dogs for other blind people, especially children.

The man spent almost every minute of every day pouring his heart into training dogs to help blind people get around.  He did this for years and years, and he eventually became known far and wide, as the best dog trainer around.  In fact, he was simply referred to as ‘the master’ by those who hired his services.  He could shape, mold and train dogs like no other man could.  His dogs were truly excellent servants to their owners.  His dogs were so obedient, affectionate and helpful that soon, he had many people seeking his dogs.  Eventually, the demand for this man’s dogs was too great for him to meet.  So he decided to train other people who could in turn train more dogs.  One amazing thing that the master noticed, is that the best person to train the dogs where the blind people themselves.  They would be so diligent and careful in training a dog that they would rely on to give them freedom they would not otherwise have.  So the master set up a dog training ranch just outside the city.  Blind people of all ages would sign up to be trained by him so that they too could train their dog as the master did.  It wasn’t long before the master dog trainer was surrounded by many dozens of blind people looking to be able to train their dogs as well as the master. The master would diligently, patiently, and with the highest skill, teach the blind people how to train the best seeing-eye dogs possible.

One day, something very strange started to happen.  It happened slowly, but very surely.  As the master was trying to speak, more and more would-be apprentice dog trainers would cut out the master’s voice, and instead be listening to the dogs themselves!  As the master would try to speak to the blind trainers, they would turn a deaf ear to the master, and instead listen to the sounds the dogs were making.  Eventually they even started to talk to the dogs!  It was astounding!  The apprentice trainers actually started to believe that the dogs were responsible for their own behavior instead of the master, who trained them!  Eventually, all the apprentice dog trainers stopped listening altogether to the master, and were giving all the credit and honor to the dogs!  Seems incredible, doesn’t it?

As a result, the blind trainers, who were relying on their dog, were badly hurt by disobedient - and not only useless - but harmful dogs.  The master finally walked away from that dog training ranch outside of that city, because the would-be trainers insisted on listening to the dogs instead of the master.  The master found another area where people wanted to learn from him, and thus train fine seeing-eye dogs who could really help their owners.

And so it is with those people who take the label “Christian”.  They no longer are listening to The Master, and instead are listening to the dogs – alleged “Christian leaders” who receive glory to themselves that the people are only too quick to bestow upon them.  These dogs – the alleged servant-leaders - have no desire to help the blind people.  And the blind people, thinking they can see, insist on being led by their self-trained leaders who are not trained by The Master, but by them.  Instead of listening to the Master, both the blind and the dogs shallowly comfort one another as they reject The Master, and lead one another to destruction.

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