Get Free From Churchianity


Keep seeking the Lord and you will see,

You cannot stay in churchianity

“Love one another, as I have loved you”,

This cannot happen in a pew


It’s everyday through thick and thin,

Only then will the world see we belong to Him


Come out of religion, and then you will see,

The web that ensnared you - I know it ensnared me

As I sought to know Jesus in a deeper way,

He showed me in religion I could not stay


Meetings on Sundays and Wednesday nights too,

Board meeting Thursday, God where are You?


In religion you learn how to be a good christian,

What traditions to follow, and who has the best doctrine

Predestination, atonement, and propitiation

Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for delivering me from that situation!


You who can hear, don’t tarry any longer

For the snare in which you are tangled, only gets stronger

Run to the one who will set you free,

Forsake all the foolishness of churchianity