The Father loves us so, He wanted us to know

So He sent His Son, His love He did show

He said, "This is my Son, listen to him

Believe in him and I will forgive your sin

I have sent him to you to show you the Way

Listen to him, trust and obey

Be merciful to all and mercy will be given you,

show my love in all you do

Listen to My son, for I have told him what to say

Here are some of his words, trust and obey

Hate you life in this world and you will Live

Love your enemies and forgive

The world will hate you, it hated me too

My life here was to show you what you must do

Forsake all the world has to give

Put your treasure above, and you will Live

Love our Father with all your heart

This is the only place to start

Look to our Father, long to be with Him

For He is my God and your God, He forgives your sin

Do not be troubled, do not be afraid

Put your trust in God, trust also in me

I will come back!  Our Father's house you shall see!

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

and because you believe, you will have pain and strife

Fear not!  I have overcome the world

You have treasure in heaven no man can afford

Look to our Father for He cares for you!

Full of mercy, love and compassion too!

Endure till the end, and you shall see

With our Father you shall forever be!