The Journey began when I trusted in the Son

The quest to know and please Him had earnestly begun


How I wanted to please my Savior and my newfound King

Looking to the bible for answers I thought it would bring


Looking to the men Paul, Peter, James and John

When all I truly needed was the Words of the Son


The passion to know Him got dulled along the way

Because I foolishly believed what others would say


I tried to obey the others you see

“The fruit of the spirit” I was taught to believe

Confused and discouraged, for I was not able to live

“The spirit filled" life that I thought would please


The Father is full of mercy, and so patient with me

He was always trying to get me to see

That His words through Jesus were enough for me


So patiently he waited, so loving and so kind

Then through another disciple He opened eyes that were blind


“Jesus is my son! Listen to Him!"

He is all that you need, what peace he will bring


Trust in Him and obey, for He is the life the truth and the way

He is the Word sent from above

To show us the Way, which has always been love


The journey is not over, it has once again begun

Oh how free I am, for I have life in the Son!

His words are sufficient for they come from above

From His father and mine, Oh what glorious love!


No more striving to have all the right doctrine you see

For Jesus is the Word and He has set me free


No more looking to a book, simply paper and ink

For when I placed my trust in it, my hope would only sink


This road is much less traveled than the one I was on before,

But there is Hope at the end, and who could ask for more?


It is often I get lonely, and give in to my fear,

Then I hear His gentle words to my heart, “my daughter I am here”

“Keep walking my little child, for one day you will be

Home at last, forever, with Us eternally”