Greetings!  We are very glad and excited that you have expressed an interest in becoming a part of this little flock!  There is much work to do...work that we hope will have significant positive eternal ramifications.  Equally important, we hope this will be a place where we can get to know our Father and Master better, and experience (and contribute to) the agape-love that our Father intends for His people. 

We earnestly hope that the next chapter in your life, if you choose to try to be a part of our Family, will be a very satisfying time of growth and learning.

Prior to your arrival, we think it is important to review a few important matters.

First, it is very common for people to read an article or two on JesusFamilies.org and feel they have found what they are looking for based on those articles.  It is essential that you read the articles on the "What We Believe" table of contents page, and that you are in agreement with the teachings of Jesus in those articles.

And here is the sum total of what those articles are trying to say...

...that Jesus is the Leader and Teacher of his disciples, and no one else, and to love one another is the main focus of our being together.


Many make the mistake of looking to a man or woman for spiritual guidance instead of to Jesus/Joshua.  It is normal for us to be grateful to the person who helped us either come to the Master in the first place, or helped us get to know him better.  Being grateful is good, but if those people who helped you are doing it according to the Master's Way, then they are merely trying to live out and repeat Joshua's Words and teachings, and thus primary gratitude should be directed towards the proper Person!  So, it is very important to know that the only spiritual authority here is the Father's annointed one, Joshua (or Jesus), and that you should not look to others as spiritual leaders...

Second (but very much related to the first point above), it is also very common for people who are helped spiritually by another person (either personally or by their words or writings), to view that person who helped them as somehow better than they are, or more holy, or some other such thing.  It is very important to know that we have our faults just like any other disciple, and thus you should not expect to find perfect people here!  If you expect to find perfect people, you will be sorely disappointed!  Yes, we are seeking to be perfect as Joshua teaches, but we have NOT arrived yet!  Therefore, love-agape must be each individual's primary concern as we become part of a Family...each of us looking to give and forgive, to humbly help and to serve is the only Way the Family will thrive.  We must look in the mirror first before seeking to help another overcome something.  Selfishness and an 'its about me' attitude will only bring contention and destruction.

Again, please carefully review the articles on our "What We Believe" page to make sure you feel a sense of unity with us regarding who we are placing our trust in, how we can know the Way Home, and how we ought to be living our lives after the Life.

A Few Practical Matters:

First, we encourage you to make an initial visit on a temporary basis.  People come from all different kinds of back grounds and experiences and beliefs and it is important to truly have some core things in common.  The way we try to live might not fit into your expectations, and thus it is important that you 'try us out' before committing.  We recommend a few week initial visit to get to know us and what we are trying to do...to understand the way of Life that we believe is honoring the Life. 

Key to this is having been rejected enough by the world that we will have essentially grateful hearts and thus seek to practice selfless ways - seeking to serve others instead of ourselves.  For the greatest among the followers of the Light will be the lowest servants of all.  Please honestly consider the following:

Second, you must understand and agree that all members of the Family must work as a primary way as expressing the teachings of serving one another.  You ought to be willing to work at least 7 hours a day either on the little flock's property or outside earning income to contribute to the expenses and work of the Family.  Being lazy and free loading (thus taking advantage of others) is simply not compatible with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth regarding helping and serving one another.  If you feel working a minimum of 7 hours a day, five to six days a week is too much for you, then we don't believe you are ready for little flock Life.  (If you have some real physical limitation that would prevent you from working at least 7 hours per day, then we are willing to listen and hear your story.)

Perhaps most importantly, if you think that following Joshua is easy...that living selflessly is easy...that speaking his teachings to others and taking the rejection that comes with following Joshua is easy...that living to serve others without concern for yourself is easy, then please, speak his words and live his Way a bit more clearly and faithfully in your life where you are now, and get back in touch with us after you have experienced what he says will happen to those who do those things.

Finally, get excited about living out the teachings of Joshua!  They are not easy, but what of enduring value is easy?  The reward for those who sincerely try their best, is Life Everlasting with our Father who loves us with an everlasting and perfect love!

Peace to you and safe travels.

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