Why straight men should start using butt plugs

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Butt plugs are not just for women or gay men. One thing that people keeps on forgetting is that butt plug is specifically for anal. It’s meant to stimulate the anal which rewards one with mindblowing bouts of orgasms and incredible pleasure.  And straight men have anus too and they would love a good dose of stimulation at the backdoor as well. It doesn’t make them homosexual. Your choices of sexual pleasure in no way determine your sexual orientation. Thus, butt plugs would be amazing for anyone who has an anus, i.e. everybody, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation.

You must have heard multiple stories and accounts about women going ga-ga over butt plugs. Accounts of straight men using butt plugs are rare. It’s mostly because of the taboos surrounding the use of butt plugs. Traditionally butt plugs were meant to complement anal sex. Since anal sex is mostly prevalent among women and gay men, straight men remained out of the question. But, what many don’t understand is that anal fun is for everybody. It’s absolutely natural for a straight man to enjoy anal plug and anal fun. It doesn’t really make him gay. In fact, butt plugs are a great way to improve the libido, sexual life and also physical well-being for a straight man.

Are you a straight man curious to use a butt plug? Well, if you are worried of traditional stigmas, it’s time to bid them adieu. You have every right to use a butt plug and you should do that often. There are straight men who use butt plugs almost every day. Here is a  brief on the best reasons for a straight man to use a butt plug.

Amazing pleasure

This is surely the #1 reason for straight men to use butt plugs. Your anus houses several nerve endings. As the butt plug goes inside your backdoor it touches those nerve endings only to stimulate them to the core. As a result, you end up with powerful orgasms and euphoric pleasure.

Excellent male G-spot massage

It’s not the women who have a G-spot. Men too have their own sweet spot which is known as “prostate”. It’s a gland which is located in between rectum and bladder. Just as women enjoy a mindblowing pleasure with their G-spot massage, men too feel the same with their prostate massage. While butt plugs work to stimulate clit and G-spot in women it also contributes to stimulate the prostate in men. No wonder smart straight men have already started using butt plugs to keep their prostate happy.

Prostate massage is extremely beneficial for both physical health and sex life of a man. Below is a brief on the advantages of prostate massage with butt plug.

Helps to manage ED

Erectile Dysfunction is a serious problem which not only affects a man’s sexual life but also his self-esteem and confidence level. Prostate massage with butt plug is a great way to manage the ED issues to some extent. In fact, doctors have also agreed to the fact that prostate massage can do wonders to manage and prevent ED problems.

One of the main reasons behind it is that prostate massage helps to improve blood flow in prostate gland. You need strong blood flow to experience powerful erection. As butt plugs work to enhance blood flow in and around prostate, it can help to improve ED conditions and prevent such woes in future.

Helps to regulate urine flow

Healthy urine flow is characterized by steady stream. In case, you experience a slower flow, it could be the case of an inflamed or swollen prostate. The prostate might irritate your bladder which affects the urine flow. Regular prostate massage with butt plug will help to decrease prostate inflammation and prevent it from affecting the bladder. When your bladder is unaffected, you easily enjoy a steady urine flow.

Improved sex life

Prostate massage with butt plugs will also lead to you to powerful bouts of orgasms every time. It will enhance your libido, keep you sexually charged which in turn will improve your sexual life. If you are having problems in your love life lately due to low sex drive and poor arousal, count on butt plugs. These nifty toys will keep both you and your partner and transcend your sex life to another level. In one line, once you start using butt plugs, you won’t be able think of your life without them.

Hands-free prostate massage

Prostate massage is no doubt great but the very act of performing it manually is really cumbersome. It will keep your hands engaged throughout the session and prevent you from engaging in other interesting stuff. If you have your partner doing it, your partner would be stuck in that one act only. This is where butt plugs come to the rescue. They just get inside your anus and stimulate you while sitting inside. The bottom-line is, neither you nor your partner would have to limit your hands for manual prostate stimulation when you have a butt plug inside.

This way, you can engage your hands in other amazing stuff to make your intimate sessions more special. You can touch each other, caress and even enjoy intercourse while the butt plug does its job to stimulate you.

Final words

There is a wide variety of butt plugs out there for straight men. But, since you are starting it for the first time, you must begin with a silicone toy. You will find plugs in metal and glass and some of them are really tempting- but they are too hard for a beginner. Once your body gets accustomed to a butt plug, you can slowly graduate to harder materials like glass or stainless steel.

Besides, do not ever forget to use lube while using a butt plug. The lube should be applied both on the toy and the anal areas where the plug would be inserted. You would need to apply lube both during inserting and removing the plug. We find that the articles published by LovePlugs are very useful when it comes to tips. guides, and quality products like buttplugs, so we encourage everyone to visit them.